Annitah Raey

Annitah Raey

Annitah Raey is a Mental Health Advocate, Human rights Advocate and Media Personality.

Annitah Raey is not new to the heavy-atmosphere of Nairobi’s radio airwaves. The key to her success has been an unsinkable passion for radio, music and people.

Radio aside. An integral part of ethos has been working a lot with charity organisation like Hivos, The Cup programme in slums.

Teaming up with the French based cultural organisation, Alliance Francaise, Annitah Raey is championing to help women who have undergone sexual and domestic violence through her series of events.

A victim of sexual and domestic violence, the mother of two believes her goal in life is to use the power of the microphone to make the world a better place.

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 Mental Health Advocate
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